All things hair

We first started creating scrunchies in 2016 when i discovered that scrunchies were more comfortable to wear when having a migraine episode.  Since then i have enjoyed creating hair accessories targeted at migraine sufferers, offering relief from the standard hair ties that can often pull and tug at strands of hair.

2018 saw us introduce our soft knot headbands to help keep flyaway strands at bay. 

In 2021 we started trialing a new kind of hair wired wrap.  We spent the year testing hundreds of different wires and finally found a rubberised wire that DOES NOT dig into your head not matter which way you twist and fold it.  In 2022 we were finally ready to launch our Headbandablez the non wire wired hairwrap.  I am super excited to add these to our collection as another hair accessory suitable for migraine sufferers.  Our Headbandablez can be adjusted to be as loose or as tight as you want so as not to create tension causing migraines. They are soft enough to sleep with and will stay in place all day.

Dont let your migraines stop you wearing what you want :)